A holistic-centered approach to healing and personal development


Who We Are

Heaven on Earth Healing offers life changing programs that blend ancient wisdom with progressive therapies to renew your body and mind, and re-awaken you to your true nature. Release your past, empower the present and embody your true purpose. Whatever your reason for finding us, it’s our mission and our sincere passion to help you to awaken, heal and expand your life.
You can choose your transformation path by working with us one-on-one, or find your tribe through our group learning experiences.  Either way we'll guide you in applying life empowering skills and practices for lasting change. Wherever you are, on your journey we’re dedicated to helping you reach your next level of self improvement.




Life Coaching

Life Coaching is like having your very own ally who helps you break through barriers of past conditioning to reach new heights and new accomplishments in your life. 

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy is a method of hypnosis where your intention is to access the part of your consciousness that holds the history of all of your lifetimes.

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It translates as “finger pressure”. A practitioner may also apply pressure with his or her: palms, elbows, knees and feet. Very light or very deep pressure can be applied depending on your condition and needs.

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The therapeutic application and utilization of naturally occurring and most ideal brainwave states that support positive changes at unconscious and subconscious levels. 

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Reiki & Qigong

Reiki and Qigong are methods of energy healing. These can be performed both in-person and remotely. Both can benefit anyone and everyone, no matter the age or the ailment. All that's required is an open mind.

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Distance Healing & Coaching

Distance Healing, is also called Remote Healing. It works effectively at a distance very much the same way as sending a prayer intention, or the intuitive communication between loved ones. 

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Healing Stories

Thank you so much for helping put me back together again—emotionally and spiritually. With your help my relationships with my daughter and my husband are closer than ever. I am happy with myself and have let go of the past.
— Nancy, Hypnosis, Qigong, Past Life Regression

I was really struggling with claustrophobia while flying on airplanes...No one was more surprised than me with what an incredible difference those 2 sessions would have! Flying has now become the journey to a great has changed my life. I am so grateful!
— Lois, Hypnotherapy, NLP, LifeCoaching

Theresa is very professional and has an impressive healing ability. She completely got rid of the pain in my knee, that I have had for many years. I thought I would have to leave the carpet business. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
— John, Reiki & Qigong



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