What is Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy?

These two terms are interchangeable, their meaning; the therapeutic application and utilization of naturally occurring and most ideal brainwave states that support positive changes at the unconscious and subconscious levels. The theta and gamma brainwave states naturally occur during meditation, hypnosis, and dream time REM sleep.

"All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis" a quote from renowned therapist Milton Erickson.

Did you know that every 20 - 45 minutes you access a form of self hypnosis?  

The brain naturally shifts brainwave frequencies all throughout the day to download newly learned information, like in a classroom, revisit and review old information, like “Where did I put my car keys?”, and even activate a common unconscious pattern, like autopilot driving, getting from A - Z and not consciously remembering how you got there!  

Hypnotherapy therefore utilizes these naturally occurring states to accomplish the task of changing old unconscious patterns to new consciously desired ones.  It’s like making sure that everyone on the committee, got the same, most current memo update.


How Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

  • Healing the body and reducing pain

  • Dissolving phobias

  • Addictions

  • Unhealthy relationships with food

  • Increase motivation

  • Unconscious patterns that keep attracting unhealthy relationships

  • Releasing unwanted emotions such as anger, resentment, hate, depression, grief, guilt, shame, worry, fear, or poor self image/esteem

Inner conflict is one of the most common reasons for doing hypnosis because it helps you regain congruency or inner harmony with all aspects of yourself, working together toward your life goals!


What to Expect

You're a type A...you say? If you have never meditated before and consider yourself to be a type A person, then your first step is a series of sessions to develop new brain wave patterns that restore your ability to relax, and access calmer more tranquil states of consciousness. Once you have developed this new way of being you’ll soon discover how beneficial it is in your work and home life; how time seems to shift and you get more accomplished by being in a balanced relaxed state of mind. Once you reach this level, doing other change work is a piece of cake!

You're already a mindful meditator If you have a mediation practice already, you can expect the hypnotic state to be very similar to your meditation experience. The only difference is that you have a guide/hypnotherapist to help you go deeper, connecting to your subconscious/unconscious mind to ultimately change unhealthy or unresolved perceptions, memories, and behaviors or to deepen your awareness of self.


What will it feel like?

Theresa will begin the process of shifting your awareness from outer experience to inner experience, through a gentle guided meditation, to which then allows you to move from beta brainwave state (a very active conscious state used when stressed, studying or alerted to quick responses) then to alpha (relaxed awareness but still in your thinking conscious brain) to theta (the dreamlike awareness state where back and forth communication happens between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind).

Seizing the golden moment of transformation occurs when accessing theta brainwave state with the support of a guide/hypnotherapist to help you (your conscious mind) change outmoded perceptions, memories and behaviors that were previously placed there by your earlier life experiences.  Its truly just building a better relationship with all aspects of yourself!


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Sessions range from 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.

New clients that consider themselves Type A can expect 3 - 6 months of weekly or biweekly sessions to accomplish 2 levels of transformation: 

1. Destressing
2. Changing other problematic areas of life (addictions, inner conflict, healing past emotional wounds, and personal growth)

Experienced clients come sporadically to address issues usually between 1 - 4 sessions



Pricing and Packages

Individual Sessions  $125/hr

ASAP Breakthrough

$600 (6 hours total or $100/hr)
(under the recommendation of the therapist and your preference)

3 two-hour sessions

4 ninety minute sessions

6 one-hour sessions

For addictions therapies expect weekly appointments

Just For You Personalized Package - Want to include other healing services into your package ( reiki or bodywork ) Let's craft you a package for all your needs