What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression therapy is a method of hypnosis where your intention is to access the part of your consciousness that holds the history of all of your lifetimes. Sometimes it's called the akashic record or the book of life. Believe or not you do have access to this information that serves you to learn about yourself in a deeper way. Using hypnosis to access this information can give you a wealth of understanding, why you’re currently experiencing certain struggles and most importantly the key to freeing and inspiring healthy right action.


How Can Past Life Regression Help Me?

  • Discover Who & Why You Are gather a new sense of your identity.

  • Uncovering Lessons allows your conscious mind to gain the missing pieces to lessons.

  • Freedom from Limiting Perceptions you can allow the gift of forgiveness to heal your heart and love yourself and others more freely.

  • Soul Retrieval you can call back soul parts that left during past trauma’s from other life times that haunt you even in this lifetime.

  • Re-Awaken Soul Purpose get back on the path of your personal legend, the world needs your unique gifts and you need to follow your unique path!


What to Expect

I have noticed that for most people desiring to do a past life regression or progression sessions, they often get too caught up in the excitement before hand that they stay too long at the level of the conscious mind brainwave state and leave little time to go deeper. So for this reason I have set up a series of sessions to “practice” going to the deeper levels of consciousness using past life regression techniques.

Each session will feel like you are progressively going on a walk that initially has no trail, but with each succession the trail goes deeper into your unconscious mind, this is what we mean   when we say your nervous system is creating new neuro-pathways to important information. The neuro-networks of the brain pick up on “repeated patterns” and help you go deeper each time.

We recommend the “Start Up Package” be used at a minimum of weekly sessions to ensure your desired outcome. After you get comfortable with the process you can always come back and do more to discover more of who you are!



Pricing and Packages

Individual Sessions  


Past Life Regression

Special Offer March 1 through April 1, 2019

$140 for 1 - two hour session

$270 for 2 - two hour sessions


Just For You Personalized Package - Let's craft you a package for all your needs