"I had a situation that happened to my mom who is 89. She had gotten sick, and ended up getting an infection in her back,(a severe bacteria that was deteriorating her spine causing a lot of pain) and was struggling with many things. I knew I had to find a healer who could help me. I was guided to go online and look up long distance healers. There I was drawn to Theresa May. We did Skype on a Tuesday night and it was a powerful energetic experience to watch. Theresa plugged into my moms' energy field and worked diligently on the energy. All I know is the next morning my mom started to thrive, thus I started to do a session 2 to 3 times a week and within 4 weeks my mom had turned the corner and was thriving. It was not a coincidence as each time we did a Skype session, the next day my mom made a shift in her recovery. Theresa May has divine light and is tapped into divine love. She is a gifted healer. Thank you so very much! "  

- Maria, Distance Healing

"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Theresa- she is simply amazing! Through the use of guided meditation and life coaching I was able to overcome many personal obstacles that I’d been struggling with for years. Theresa created a very calm and relaxed atmosphere where I felt at ease sharing my personal issues openly without fear or judgment.

I’ve been very skeptical of many mainstream counseling programs because they don’t seem to incorporate any type of Spirituality into them; I was so happy to find Theresa where not only my Spirituality was respected, but also brought in as part of the program. Theresa, thank you so much for giving me the tools to overcome any obstacle."

- Ari, Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy, Distance Healing

"...I reached out to Theresa at the beginning of 2016 after a long-time healing buddy of mine, who had worked with Theresa long distance from New Jersey, told me stories of the amazing results of their sessions. My own experience with Theresa from my home in Florida has exceeded anything I expected or imagined from my friends stories! Theresa surveys the vast realms of being with effortless grace, sensing imagery which pinpoints the areas within my energy field that appear resistant to Love's outpouring. In some instances blocks that felt like they'd endured in my field for lifetimes. Then in minutes, with laser-like spirit connection and focused precision, Theresa dissolves and dispels these patterns from heaven to earth within me! The awesomely blessed result of her work with is deeper freedom, peace and joy in embodied experience of oneness with the divine than I have ever known! Theresa is a remarkable healer – one who is deeply insightful and powerful but equally gentle and humble in sharing her gifts. I am truly blessed that my angel guides led me to her for such profound eternal healing."

S.F.P., Reiki & Qigong, Distance Healing

"I am overcome with deep gratitude to you and the healing you gave me. Overlooking the notes I took of our sessions shows a breadth and the depth of reach your healing produced. Generations of my ancestors have been blessed by your good work. Unhealthy ties, habits, and agreements in my life have been upended. There are no words for this gift. Theresa, thank you for releasing me from these past ways. You are with me in such a positive way. I hope the connection benefits you as well. Peace to you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to move in a new way. Light has expanded within me and that feels great (and daunting) I believe we both will continue to expand love and light because of our alliance."

- Elizabeth, Past Life Regression, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy

"I have personally had several energy work sessions from Theresa and she is excellent. In addition, I brought my son to see Theresa the first time when he was 11. He was having anxiety and it was effecting his performance in sports and, more importantly, his joy. Each time he has met with her he plays amazing in his next game and carries that through the season. We now know to see her at the start of a season. The transformation in confidence and joy is truly amazing. I felt powerless to help my son until I met Theresa. She has an incredible style that makes him feel comfortable and the results are incredible. All I can say is THANK YOU Theresa!"

- Nick, Reiki & Qigong, Hypnotherapy

"...Three years ago I gave birth to a son six weeks premature.  He was born with major heart issues and was later diagnosed with Noonan’s syndrome.  He was also diagnosed with some sight impairments.  We brought him to Theresa for her healing hands. After one long session, we noticed our son could track objects and had better vision. The pediatric ophthalmologist verified this two weeks later.  His heart murmur was also less pronounced.  At the age of eighteen months the doctors declared he no longer had Noonan’s.  It was with the help of Theresa and supplements that our son had his healing miracle!"

- Amy, Reiki & Qigong

"I had been having heartburn for 30 years that was set off so easily. Often times I was only able to eat ice cream for up to 3 weeks at a time. But after three treatments I haven’t had any more problems. And she also taught me self shiatsu. Because of shiatsu and her gifts I’m able to eat foods that I never could."

- Shirley, Shiatsu Massage

"This is to thank you for your help and guidance in the Qigong treatment that you provided me. It not only ”cured” my shoulder problem, but also opened my mind to more possibilities in my physical, mental, and spiritual life. I am now enjoying the study and practice of qigong and other alternative therapies and modalities.

As I first told you, I had a shoulder ache that had been bothering me for over a year. I had my doctor evaluate it several times and had an MRI taken that showed it was not a torn rotator cuff or bursitis, but it was continuously irritated. My doctor gave me cortisone shot for it and that helped for a week or so, but it would not go away. It was at that point that I decided to try some alternative therapy and I saw your ad in the phone book.

Your discussion of qigong and shiatsu concepts with me was very reassuring. You were very professional and inspiring in your comments and explanations. The energy focus work that you and I did on my shoulder not only warmed away the aches, but relieved the motion problems and chronic pain I had been experiencing.

It has been several months now since that treatment and my shoulder has been feeling just fine. As I told you, I am fairly active physically and play softball and basketball regularly. I can now play without the aches I had been enduring and I am enjoying the activities much more now."

- Mike, Qigong

"Heaven on Earth Healing is exactly that. Whatever tradition you follow, whatever your image of Heaven, it is meant to be lived on earth; it can be lived on earth. I have gone to Theresa for Shiatsu, Reiki, and I'm not even sure what else because she incorporates so many healing methods in any given session (whatever is called for in the moment). All of my healing sessions with Theresa have healed me in body, mind and spirit and through that healing, I have been able to go deeper in my religious practices.

I have also attended some of Theresa's Qigong and Tai Chi classes. I have experienced her to be, in any encounter, humble, professional, extremely knowledgeable as well as willing and able to meet me where I am at in my understanding of holistic methods.”

- Amy, Shaitsu & Reiki

"Theresa May makes my life whole. I work with her diligently and can't imagine where I would be without her. I encourage all of you to include her and her work in your life. You will not be disappointed by the results. My favorite gift to give my friends and family is some time with Theresa May."

- Jeanne, Shiatsu, Reiki, Hypnosis & Life coaching

"Theresa is a warm and multi-faceted practitioner with a sincere interest in improving the lives of her clients. I've learned stress reduction through her Tai Chi and Qigong classes. Her Shiatsu massage along with energy healing is spectacular. Recently she's worked with me on herbal supplements for diabetes and other issues. Good nutrition conversations with her have caused me to "mend my ways" in terms of how I deal with food. Theresa has a wealth of experience and training to help a person break through whatever barriers he/she might be hanging onto that are stopping him/her from leading a more fulfilling life."

- Sheila, Hypnosis, Shiatsu, Qigong, Wellness Life Style Support