What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is like having your very own ally who helps you break through barriers of past conditioning to reach new heights and new accomplishments in your life.  A Life Coach takes you from being stuck in your situation, to making real shifts in your beliefs and behaviors that create positive change. They will ask you the right questions and offer the right tools to empower you.

How Can Life Coaching Help Me?

  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Dissolve negative behaviors and empower positive choices
  • Set goals and achieve your desired outcomes
  • Weight control and smoking cessation
  • Create passionate careers and relationships
  • Start or maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Transform past trama
  • Resolve phobias, anxiety, depression, anger, and more
  • Control and eliminate pain, including psychosomatic conditions
  • Discover your soul purpose

What to Expect

The timing of your transformation is as unique as each individual! Some clients have breakthroughs within just a few sessions while others work through multiple breakthroughs peeling off years and lifetimes of self destructive behavior.  

To have a real breakthrough you should plan for a minimum of 6 - 10 sessions. Some clients I recommend weekly, biweekly and some monthly depending upon how well the process is going. There are packages available that will support the length of time that you are committed to your new life.

Initially, we’ll be covering topics that are essential preparation for successful breakthrough work. Those sessions will usually take about one hour to 90 minutes. During our breakthrough sessions be prepared for 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Pricing and Packages

Individual Sessions  



ASAP Breakthrough

$600 (6 hours total or $100/hr)
3 two-hour sessions
Weekly appointment


Best Life Breakthrough

$900 (12 hours total or $75/hr)
6 two-hour sessions
Weekly or biweekly appointments


Just For You Personalized Package Let's craft you a package for all your needs