What is Distance Healing?

Distance Healing, also called Remote Healing Energy, is healing from a distance. It works just as effective as in person because the healing comes from the universal connection that transcends time and space.  With Distance Healing, the possibilities are limitless. In person the practitioner transmits electro-magnetic waves that resonate to the level that restores cells back to health. Energy medicine is message healing, information healing.  

The effects can be subtle or profound.  Some clients have noticed the benefits from just one session.  For others the conditions gradually improve with each session.   To read about other recipients of long distance healing visit the Healing Stories page, and for more scientific information, IONS Institute for Noetic Sciences www.noetic.org.  

How Can Distance Healing Help Me?

People recover more fully and sooner from surgeries or bone fractures, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, carpal tunnel, bursitis, sprains, acute or chronic pain, blood pressure, thyroid conditions, digestive and elimination issues, dental work, infections, immune system imbalances, degenerative diseases, arthritis and cancer etc. 

Energy medicine can be used for any physical, emotional, mental and spiritualconditions or concerns. Energy medicine is now accepted as a legitimate healing modality in many hospitals and clinics in the United States though for centuries it has been and still is a healing therapy by many cultures around the world.  Every language of every culture has their own name for this type of healing work, but they all utilize the same transference of healing information that comes from the same Creator or Non-Local Quantum domain. (terms come from religious and scientific communities respectively) Healing energy can be passed through touch and through long distances. 

What to Expect

The timing of your transformation is as unique as each individual! Some clients have breakthroughs within just a few sessions while others work through multiple breakthroughs peeling off years and lifetimes of self destructive behavior.  

To have a real breakthrough you should plan for a minimum of 6 - 10 sessions. Some clients I recommend weekly, biweekly and some monthly depending upon how well the process is going. There are packages available that will support the length of time that you are committed to your new life.

Initially, we’ll be covering topics that are essential preparation for successful breakthrough work. Those sessions will usually take about one hour to 90 minutes. During our breakthrough sessions be prepared for 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Pricing and Packages

Discovery Session Free
30 minute consultation to see how we can assist

Individual Sessions $125/hr

ASAP Breakthrough $300 ($100/hr)
Three 1 hours sessions
Weekly appointment

Best Life Breakthrough $480 ($80/hr)
Six 1 hour sessions
Weekly or biweekly appointments