T.L.C. Transformational Life Coaching - Hypnotherapy - NLP - Past life Regression - Spiritual life coaching   

Individual Sessions  $125/hr

 ASAP Breakthrough $600 ($100/hr)

3 - two hour sessions

Weekly appointment

Best Life Breakthrough $900 ($75/hr)

6 - two hour sessions

Weekly or biweekly appointments

Just For You Personalized Package Let's craft you a package for all your needs

FIND YOUR TRIBE - Online GROUP Courses   

“Live” Group Sessions ($20 - $35 per hour)

Also look for UPCOMING pre-recorded course offerings and free “live” online events when you become a subscriber to my website offerings located at the bottom of my home page “Subscribe” www.heavenonearthhealing.com


Individual Sessions  $125/hr

ASAP Breakthrough $600 ($100/hr)

3 - two hour sessions

Weekly appointment

Just For You Personalized Package Let's craft you a package for all your needs

Past Life Regression Therapy

Individual Sessions  $125/hr

 Past Life Regression Start Up Package $320 ($80/session)

4 - ninety minute sessions

Just For You Personalized Package - Let's craft you a package for all your needs

Reiki and Qigong Energy Medicine

Individual In-person Sessions  $95/hr

 Reiki & Qigong Start Up Package $260 ($65/session)

4 - sixty minute sessions 

Just For You Personalized Package Let's craft you a package for all your needs

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions (by way of video calls, phone, email)

Individual Sessions $125/hr

 ASAP Breakthrough $300 ($100/hr)

3 - one hour sessions

Weekly appointment

 Best Life Breakthrough $480 ($80/hr)

6 - one hour sessions

Weekly or biweekly appointments

 Note:  The fees for distant healing are different than in-person Reiki and Qigong sessions because clients often need and require a blending of services that range from: guided imagery, meditation training, belief change-work, life coaching to multidimensional healing and spiritual guidance.  These services are always available to “in-office” appointments for the same fees.

If however, a distant client is only requesting energy healing during their session then the fee is only $95/hr or $50/30 mins..  And the packages would be the same as Reiki and Qigong Energy Medicine.

Shiatsu Bodywork, Reflexology Reiki/Qigong Energy-work, Medical Intuitive & TCM Traditional Chinese Medical Assessments

Individual Sessions

60 minutes $95

90 minutes $140

2 hours $180

Other Add-on or Stand-Alone Services

Individual Sessions $60/hr and $30/30 mins.

Dream work processing & interpretation

Breathwork & Guided Imagery for Stress Relief

Intuitive guidance readings

Spiritual guidance card readings

TCM & Energetic Assessments

TCM herbal remedies & Flower essences

MN State Sales Tax may be included or an additional cost for Bodywork & Energy healing appointments on a per contract/agreement basis. Price changes are made up to date on website and current forms and are available upon request.

The State of Minnesota states:

You have the right: to complete and current information concerning the practitioner’s assessment and recommended service. Expect courteous treatment and to be free of verbal, physical or sexual abuse by the practitioner. Access to records and written information from records in accordance to sec. 144.335 To be informed that there are other health care services available in the community and can be found on community boards in stores, or newspapers and the yellow pages. To choose freely among available practitioners at any time within the limits of health insurance, medical assistance or other provider services. To refuse services or treatment unless otherwise provided by law. To assert your rights without retaliation. The practitioner also has the right to be free from verbal, physical or sexual abuse And can end the session and charge normal fee for that appointment time.

This portion below  is for your file


I, (please print name)____________________________ have received and read the complementary & alternative health care client bill of rights. And, I have been informed on what to expect during and after I receive Asian Bodywork, Qigong/Reiki healing, Transformational Life Coaching, NLP, and Hypnotherapy and understand that this holistic therapy is in no way intended to replace conventional allopathic medicine. Signature___________________________________________Today’s DATE__________