What is Shiatsu Bodywork?

It is also known as Asian Bodywork and Acupressure.  It is very different than massage as it is done through comfortable loose clothing. Organic powder or lotions are sometimes applied to face, abdomen, hands and feet. Shiatsu restores the body’s own ability to renew itself, harmonizing the internal forces “chi” or “qi” that support healthy functioning organs, circulation and soft tissue.

It translates as “finger pressure”. A practitioner may also apply pressure with his or her: palms, elbows, knees and feet. Very light or very deep pressure can be applied depending on your condition and needs.  Shiatsu and other forms of Asian bodywork therapies also encompass many other techniques such as: kneading, grasping, tapping, cupping, rolling, soothing, rocking, rotating and stretching of the joints and limbs, and passive correcting.


How Can Shiatsu Bodywork Help Me?

It can help improve many conditions such as; chronic aches and pain, fatigue, headaches, migraines, asthma, anxiety, stress, weakened immune system, digestive and elimination disorders like IBS, kidney and urinary issues, degenerative diseases, sleep insomnia etc. 

It moves the lethargic or stagnant, subdues the excessive and nourishes the depleted. A skilled practitioner will do a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Assessment, on you to look for subtle imbalances and based on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine will create a treatment plan that will address the imbalances.  The TCM Assessment process looks for very subtle imbalances that otherwise go undetected by modern medicine, especially if it is sub-clinical (has not shown up as a disease ye)t.  Shiatsu helps remind the body to create balance and peace within.


Pricing and Packages

Individual Sessions

$95 /1hr

$140 /90min 

$180 /2hr

Just For You Personalized Package - Let's craft you a package for all your needs